Mixtape #1 - Comics
Selection of sequential art from various projects.
The Adventures of Dub Dub - comic book
On June 8-11, in Boston, took place LiveWorx 2019. The event was focused on the latest solutions in the field of robotics, AI as well as virtual and augmented reality. Together with Bully! Entertainment I had the pleasure to prepare a comic book for Deloitte Digital, dedicated for the event. The comic, in addition to being just a comic, was also associated with augmented reality. Some of the pages, when viewed through the app, showed interactive elements of the rubber duck factory, which was the leitmotif of the event.
Animated short for Deloitte Digital
„Dub Dub meets her match!” – a teaser for the newest comic book from Deloitte. Together with Bully! Entertainment and Steve Zapiain I had the pleasure to prepare a storyboard and illustrations for this animation.
GRIP: Combat Racing - video game
Illustrations for the in-game loading screens that I created for the GRIP: Combat Racing video game. Also I helped with the collector’s edition. The game is available on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.
„Destiny’s Sword” - illustrations for the novel
llustrations for the „Lucidium Run” novel by M. D. Cooper. The book is associated with the „Destiny’s Sword” video game created by 2Dogs Games.
ION MAIDEN - contest
Illustration for the ION MAIDEN Fan Art Contest. The contest was organized by 3D Realms and Voidpoint. I rarely draw fanarts, but I really enjoyed the "demo" campaign for this game. The main character Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison reminds me a Lewis from the Robocop series. It was fun to draw her.  and I won! 
Dystopian black and white illustratrations
„Pogańskie Żądze” - comic book
„Pogańskie Żądze” – Anthology of erotic comics and illustrations by polish artists. I had a pleasure to make a couple illustrations to that book. Published by Planeta Komiksów.
„Tożsamość Rodneya Cullacka” - illustrations and cover
Inside illustrations and the book cover created for Uroboros Publishing House for Przemysław Angerman’s new book.
MIXTAPE #2 - illustrations
Various drawings. Work, fan-art, personal projects, etc.
Spoken World vol. #1 and #2 - comics
The first pages, covers and concept art from the „Spoken World” comic books that I created. The comic is associated with the game „Next up Hero” – available on Steam, Nintendo Switch and PS4. Script & Story Joseph M Tringali, Layout & Lettering Justine Raymond. You can buy it on ComiXology
„Norse Reign” - video game
Designs for the „Norse Reign” video game
"Absent Reality" - video game
Black and white concepts for Vagabond Dog studio.
„Mother’s Day” - comic short
Post-apocalyptic short story